About Us

In 2003 we started CocoFlow Chocolate Fountains as a small catering business featuring chocolate fountain rentals. It was not long before our vision for the business expanded and we found ourselves longing to explore the artisan applications of chocolate. Using traditional European chocolatiers as our guide we created our own handcrafted line of chocolates.

Today CocoFlow Chocolatier is Oklahoma’s Premier Chocolate Artisan. We create all of our artisan chocolates by hand in small batches using fine Belgian and French chocolates, as well as single origin chocolates from around the world. Each piece of chocolate that leaves our kitchen is considered an individual work of art meant to indulge our customers senses and arouse their interest. We understand that good chocolate is an experience. Any season, any reason, CocoFlow Chocolatier offers an unforgettable chocolate experience.

We opened CocoFlow Chocolate Café in the heart of Oklahoma City’s historic Bricktown District as a featured location for our artisan chocolates. We wanted a place where young and old alike could enjoy our handcrafted products and find that one special treat to make their heart sing. A small, cozy wonderland, CocoFlow Chocolate Café is a place that we, as foodies, would enjoy ourselves. In addition to CocoFlow’s amazing artisan chocolates, the café offers fresh pastries crafted in our kitchen, rich espresso and a warm atmosphere.